50 Years of history

Minelli Elettromeccanica was established in 1965 with its headquarters and production facilities in Correggio (RE), Italy. It specialises in the design and production of innovative products for the agricultural and industrial sectors, particularly harvesting and pruning, entirely manufactured in Italy, taking care of the design and performance of every last detail, using the most advanced technology. The continuous search for innovative solutions has allowed Minelli to submit and obtain numerous patents in Italy and abroad. Furthermore, thanks to years of experience in agriculture and electronics/mechanics, Minelli Elettromeccanica offers the market various high performance product lines which stand the test of time. Thanks to the ongoing attention paid to the needs of end users, Minelli Elettromeccanica always offers the best solution.
During its lifetime, Minelli Elettromeccanica has applied for numerous patents, to protect the technological innovations that it has developed; in Italy, Europe and more generally on an international level. Furthermore, Minelli Elettromeccanica has always dedicated time and attention to the design of its products, creating innovative models that stand out for the peculiar shapes and materials used. The passion for design has led to the production of various models, refined and presented to the market by Minelli Elettromeccanica. The protection of innovation an underlying principle of the company mission.
Since its establishment, Minelli Elettromeccanica has invested its resources in the research and development of innovative technologies to be applied to its products. For this reason, Minelli Elettromeccanica has always produced avant-garde products, including the latest technology, designed for a market with one eye on the future. Efficiency, ergonomics and safety have always been objects which guide the company and which are reflected in its wide range of products.
Minelli Elettromeccanica can boast technical competence and experience covering a wide spectrum: as well as the agro-industrial sector, it has worked in other areas: industrial planning and production for example, in the textile sector, as well as the creation of automatic machinery and electronic equipment for telecommunications. Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of the company's capabilities, it has always had an creative and efficient answer for the challenges which are presented to it time after time.